Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Than A Stud - review

Here's a review for my 1st published book, an ebook. This novella will be in print

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The story is a different take on the usual Vampire versus Slayers story, which made it enjoyable. The writing style is easy to read, but there are places where the plot and timeline jump around a bit, once you get past these, it’s a fun read. The cast of characters are vast and varied, with the good, the bad, the nasty and mean. You have the characters you love, hate and want to slap upside the head, just like in normal life.

Jamie is a photographer and part-time vampire slayer, since his family was killed by vampires. His assistant Glow not only works with him at his studio, but is being trained by Jamie to be a slayer as well. Jamie is at the very least in lust with Shane, America’s Top Male Model, but he thinks he may be in love too. He gets to meet Shane when Glow, who lives in the same building as Shane sets them up. Jamie doesn’t like waiting for what he wants and starts to push for a steady relationship, but that’s not who Shane is. Can Jamie wait?

Shane is an orphan whose never known his father. All he has is a cross that was given to him by his mother. It is a cross that is the key to unstoppable power for the vampire who wears it. Unknown to him, he’s half vamp and comes into his power at the age of twenty five. Also unknown to him is the fact his father coming for the cross, with some help from a rival who thinks he’s helping with Shane’s downfall. This leads to a final confrontation with all of the parties there to play. Who will win and what will be the costs?

The author answers some of these questions and leaves others for you to find out about in his next book.

It's on Goodreads.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Renegade Vampire - finished


Finally finished Renegade Vampire.

Story: With deaths of cops rising, vampire/cop Talon Torran must catch the
killer before the entire PD is wiped out.

Locale: Portland, Oregon - July, 2012

This story has been submitted to a publisher.

Wish me luck.